Meet our little hero. He was born premature and consequently had a hernia, no suckling reflex and was half the size of the other puppies. Some breeders might have let nature takes its course (perhaps the wiser root), but we jumped at the chance to save this little dude. After raising Taliah I knew a thing or two about expressing milk and so with a medicine dropper in hand we started. It took 30min to express 2-4ml from Dassie. The dear dog tolerated me so well and as always just enjoyed the human company and attention. I expressed her every 2 hours so that we could feed the little pup. It took force feeding at first, but he got the hang of swallowing after three day. By then I was so sleep depraved that we resorted to formula milk. Thankfully there is such a thing as formula for puppies 🙂


We visited the Vet every four days for a check up and she noted that he was getting stronger. We just kept at it in blind hope even though it seemed futile a few days. Mr. Survivor has a strong will and after the 6th day he managed to latch again and on day 7 he took some full feeds from his mom with a little human assistance. By day 8 we could reunite him with his brother. By now he was less than half their weight, but by some serious survivor spirit he kept his own at the milk bar and is thriving with his mother! What a precious journey. As jet we have not given him to any family. We want to keep an eye on his progress, but it seems as though he will be able to go to a family who will love him and appreciate his big heart!